Aliyah Feathercap, mysterious angelic girl

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Aliyah Feathercap, mysterious angelic girl

Post by Miss Pepsi on Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:20 pm

Name: Aliyah Sofia Feathercap
Age: 11 and a half years old
Gender: Female
Supernatural type: Pure-blooded angel
~ Anything chocolate
~ Collecting flowers and leaves
~ Singing
~ Reading books
~ Playing guitar
~ Petting people's pets
~ Watching the rain/snow (as long as it doesn't bother her)
~ Watching sunrises
~ Thieves/murderers
~ Things scaring her/People scaring her (mainly on purpose)
~ Getting very little money from by-standers
~ Those who dislike her singing/playing.......rude people
~ Getting bullied
~ Getting injured
~ Being called "fake", "weak", "unimportant", "ugly"
~ Being ignored when she's depressed
~ Loves to fly but isn't a fan of heights
~ Will willingly take on a challenge then regret it later on
~ Gets jealous over prettier girls VERY often
~ Will eagerly sniff any flower she comes across even if it gives her allergies
~ Pets animals without any second thought
~ Likes people petting her wings


Her eyes look like so:
Her magical necklace looks like so:

Light Weapons: She can make any sort of weapon made of light that she can use to defend herself or to attack in times of need. There is no limit on how often she can use it and the spell lasts for as long as she needs it but the weapons will disappear if they are damaged in some way or she falls unconscienced during the spell
Soul Sense: She can sense lost souls floating in the air and communicate with them through angelic speech to either do her bidding or for them to free themselves and cross-over
Shield: Can make a shield made of light to defend herself. Spell leaves the user woozy.
Healing Song: User sings a tune they made up to heal wounds of their choice (doesn't work to mend broken bones/joints)
Luring Song: User plays a tune that puts their opponent in a hypnotic state that can let the user escape or force them under their wing and make them do whatever they want
Teleportation: Self-explanatory. Cannot be used more than 10 times a day and can only be used to cover anywhere within a mile radius of the current position.

~ Very good at agility and stamina
~ Can play basically any tune on a regular guitar you can think of
~ Flexible body allows her to squeeze in tight places
~ Can work with different kinds of people
~ Can wield anything with a blade
~ Great obedience and discipline
~ Good manners
~ Expert when it comes to playing an ocarina


Aliyah's parents lived in heaven their whole life. Her mother Eira was beautiful and was courted by many male angels until she met Azulu. The two of them struck gold being with one another and eventually they married and Eira fell pregnant with Aliyah. Eira had been passed down an important magical artifact that could be extremely dangerous but over time more began to seek its power. Demons mostly had tried to steal it many times. The Cat's Eye Necklace it was called. Eira wasn't sure how her father managed to uphold it, but it was hers now. Or so she thought......for one night while she and her family were asleep demons attacked without warning. Aliyah took ahold of the magical necklace and placed it around her neck to protect it and as she heard her mother screams she suddenly got knocked out with a club to the head and then fell down through the clouds towards the earth below.

The Cat's Eye Necklace saved her by drawing energy from her memories, sadly giving the girl amnesia and used that energy to make her slowly hover-fall towards the ground safely without Aliyah taking any more harm. Aliyah woke up and couldn't remember anything other than her name and age and the Cat's Eye Necklace she was now burdened with protecting.

~ Incinerates those who try to harm Aliyah but by doing so draws energy from her that makes her weak for 10 minutes or so.
~ Can be made into golden armour with a tune Aliyah knows on her ocarina.
~ Can be taken off by Aliyah pretty easily but when someone else tries to take it off Aliyah's neck it must see that person isn't a threat to Aliyah first.
~ Can be tricked into someone else taking it off for wrong purposes
~ Protects whoever wears it from any harm at all times
~ The eye sometimes blinks when trouble is near to alert Aliyah and make her hide
~ The necklace can become a sword surrounded by flame.

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Re: Aliyah Feathercap, mysterious angelic girl

Post by The Lord Regent on Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:00 pm

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