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Post by Miss Pepsi on Wed Jan 24, 2018 6:16 pm

Name: Jinx
Age: 2 and a half (in cats years)
Gender: Male
Race: Unknown
Personality: Jinx is the lovable but annoying character that everybody knows in their life at least once. He tries to make people realize he's stronger than he looks but most of the time it's the little things that upset him. He's humorous, has a bit of a sailor's mouth of curse words, clever at some times, brave, just, annoying most of the time to others, a bit fearful, and a bit shy near new people.
Likes: Eating, using magic, being pet behind the ears, being able to talk, being to always land on his feet, the smell of fish or tuna, playing with cat toys, hanging out with friends, and not having a hairball.
Dislikes: Getting wet (like most cats do), dogs (again, like most cats do), the smell of burning flesh, having to swim, getting caught in the rain, loud noises, being underestimated, being judged, and being insulted.
Fears: Fate, fire, seeing those close to him die, his own death, water, and drowning.
Quirks: Loves being pet under the chin, likes staring at human girls for some odd reason

Hair Color: Black fur, short
Eyes Color: Amber
Items (Jewelry, phones, tools etc.): Has a small red bandanna tied loosely around his neck
Weapons: No weapons unless you count his claws and teeth. He mainly uses magic as a weapon.

Mother: Unknown, dead
Father: Unknown, dead
Lover/Wife: None yet
Children: None yet
Owner: None yet

Magic: Jinx uses magic, preferably only elemental and teleportation to defend opponents or flee from the scene.
Animal Spirit: Can turn into a giant panther like creature with four eye in order to protect himself. Can only be used 1 time per day and can last for as long as he needs it.
<> Has complete control over elemental magic and teleporting
<> Can squeeze through very tight places
<> Always lands on his feet
<> Obedience (sometimes)
<> Good flirt

Jinx was born an original half breed and since his birth he was living on his own. Not long after living on his own he was captured by a bunch of scientists and became a magical experiment. Due to the scientists' mistakes of giving him too much elemental power, he quickly killed them all inside the laboratory and escaped out into the street. He was then stranded and befriended a shadow mage before her untimely death. He now wanders the streets alone and confused, fearing his newly-found power would make him unwanted by all.
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