Kyoko Higoyuma (FINSIHED!)

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Kyoko Higoyuma (FINSIHED!)

Post by Miss Pepsi on Sat Jan 20, 2018 11:36 am

Name: Kyoko Higoyuma
Name meaning: Mirror
Age: 26 years old
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Occupation: Works full-time at a Sushi restaurant as one of the cooks
Supernatural type: Vampire/Demon Mix
❤️ Sweet-tasting blood
❤️ Hanging out with his twin brother Makoto (means "good")
❤️ Eating any kind of sushi
❤️ Working out at the local gym
❤️ Chocolate in small amounts
❤️ Being called "handsome", "smart", or "talented"
❤️ Hanging out with friends
❤️ Making new friends
❤️ Testing out his sword on inanimate objects
❤️ Being in the right place at the right time
❤️ Reading books in his spare time
❤️ Girls flirting with him
❤️ Being called "geek"
❤️ Being called "cute"
❤️ People hating him because he's gay
❤️ Getting injured
❤️ His house getting dirty
❤️ Girls trying to seduce him
❤️ Any kind of soda
❤️ Sunny days (because half-vampire)
❤️ Most loud noises
❤️ Has a secret crush on any hot male celebrity
❤️ He loves big plump butts and staring at them
❤️ Rainy days are his favorite to walk on though he hates getting his hair wet
❤️ Is a geek when it comes to sports cars
❤️ Hates green cars but is attracted to green eyed people

His right eye: Icy-blue
His left eye: Brown
Demon wolf: Can change in a demon, shadowy wolf in times of trouble but this power can only be used once a day. This power gives him inhuman speed, agility, and can help him in times of an attack when he's not carrying a weapon on him. He can quickly switch to this so that he is his own weapon. Looks like the picture below

Insight: Can detect another demon or vampire from at least a 1 block radius. Can be used to read aura of those around him to help avoid fights
Bat form: Can turn into a bat for one hour and can be used only 5 times a day. This can be used to avoid attacks via by air
Elemental magic: This is self-explanatory but I'll explain what it means for him. AIR: He can change the direction of the wind to avoid being scented by unwanted things FIRE: Can summon fire at all in his hands to attack opponents WATER: Can breath like a fish while underwater without drowning EARTH: Can cause the ground to open up into like a canyon and then close back up to crush opponents in their earthy grave.
Teleportation Can be used only 5 times a day and can only teleport within a mile radius from where you're located.
❤️ Can fight with anything with a blade on it
❤️ Master with nun-shucks and could do any kind of attack with them
❤️ Is good at breaking up arguments with his charm
❤️ Can make just about anyone laugh
❤️ Flexible body means he is a good acrobatic
❤️ Has a great sense for fashion
❤️ Has excellent stealth

Before Kyoko was born his mother Sakura Yushito was just a commoner working in Japan at a Laundry Cleaning place. She was just over minimum wage there and she lived in a tiny apartment with only a half kitchen, one bedroom, and one bathroom. Being a pure vampire, she usually stayed inside all day and wasn't into relationships at the time until she met Kohaku Higoyuma one day while she was working. He had lived way out in the countryside and had just recently moved away from there in search of a job, he had to get some laundry done. The two spoke briefly but when he picked up his clothes he asked if they could be friends. And so they did. But then their friendship turned into a loving relationship and soon wedding bells were heard.

4 months into their marriage Sakura found out she was pregnant with their first child, Sen (their only daughter). Sen was the playful but fearful sort and would grow impatient when lunch was but then fall asleep when she was the age of 4. 5 years later Sakura wounded up pregnant again and grew worried because this time it was twins. Her family had a history of women giving birth to twins but either the mother died or one of the twins did. She was worried, but babies have to come out sometime. She then gave birth to Makoto and Kyoko. Makoto was the good son who would get his homework done of time and never had a tantrum however Kyoko, who was almost identical to Makoto, was the total opposite. He would often start fights with his older sister, pulling her hair, scratching her with his finger nails. Out of all his siblings, he took mostly after his energetic father.

6 years passed and his father had been laid off at work for a cut in budget so his mother came up with the idea to move to the United States of America. Kyoko thought it was stupid, he didn't want to go while Sen and Makoto agreed to go after seeing pictures of the place. As stubborn as he was, after the move he learned to like the US. They all are now registered US citizens and his parents saw it was hard for him to move out. Kyoko now lives in a two story house with his brother Makoto and their two cats Yami (see pictures below) and Tenebrae (see pictures below).


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Re: Kyoko Higoyuma (FINSIHED!)

Post by The Lord Regent on Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:33 pm

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