Kaya the Assassin Foxy WIP

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Kaya the Assassin Foxy WIP

Post by Bella on Sat Dec 30, 2017 4:44 pm

Name: Kaya Silverthroat
Codename: K-9
Occupation: Novice Assassin
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Supernatural type: Mage/Neko mix
Weapons: Rapier sword, pistol, throwing stars, and throwing daggers
Persona: Kaya is a very patient soul but in times where there's danger she usually takes the safest route she can find. In the presence of those in need, she will give her own coat and meal to them if they need it. She's very generous to the homeless but never gives them money because she fears they would use the money for bad habits. She is tomboyish and a little bit childish. Playful, but easy to mature up when the time calls for it.
<> Being successful
<> Chocolate
<> Listening to music
<> Getting compliments
<> Making new friends
<> Winning cases
<> Drinking coffee
<> Losing a case
<> Being wounded
<> Losing in general
<> Getting called a "kid", "weak", "doggy"
<> Vegetables
<> Getting dirty
<> Loves being pet on her tail
<> People petting her ears

Super-speed: Is inhumanly a fast runner thanks to her Neko DNA
Night-vision: Can see perfectly in pitch black darkness thanks to her Neko DNA
Animal Aides: Can call any animal in the area to her aid in time of need thanks to her Neko DNA
Shapeshift: Can shift into an actual fox to hide in plain sight (only last for an hour at most)
Fireball: Self-explanatory
Teleportation: Can only be used 15 times per day, if used too much or she reaches her limit for that day, she passes out (can only be within a mile radius of where she currently is)
Paralyzing bolt: Self-explanatory
Skills: Great at martial arts (karate and Ninjutsu), excellent with handling blades, very good aim with any kind of hand gun, acrobatic, flexibility, can easily camouflage in dark places, very good patience, has some skill with defusing bombs, and can use basically any object as a weapon (bats, bottles, etc.)

Kaya's parents Makayla and Tobias met in a bar while Tobias was a bartender and Makayla was going through a bad break-up. At first they hated one another. Tobias' smartass remarks and Makayla's wit, the two were madly opposites but eventually somehow the two fell in love and got married. However neither of them knew that their first-born daughter Kaya would be a mix of both of them. Tobias always called her "pumpkin". Kaya met her boss on the way home from school (she usually walks home alone) and was kind of kidnapped by him. Turns out her father's name was on the To Kill List and if she wanted to save him from that fate she was forced to kill others that he told her to kill. If she ever betrayed him, he'd murder her whole family, including her baby brother.
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Re: Kaya the Assassin Foxy WIP

Post by The Lord Regent on Sat Dec 30, 2017 4:59 pm

You don't need to list spells anymore, but she is approved
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