Duncan the Impure mage

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Duncan the Impure mage

Post by The Lord Regent on Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:40 pm

Name: Duncan Pierce
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Supernatural type: Impure Mage (one thirty seventh demon)
Likes: Being right, correcting people, Video games, Overcoming challenges, magic and the history of magic, fruity beverages, cutting to the chase
Dislikes: Being wrong, being looked down on, Obstacles he cannot overcome, being inferior, fish, Both Mayonnaise and miracle whip they taste the same, final goodbyes, beating around the bush, having to do chores
Quirks: Tends to be a bit of a know it all, but shy around women.
Appearance: 6ft, skinny, light skin, wears glasses, eyes like the stormy sea, handsome though often looks unkempt, messy brown hair
Powers: Can draw glyphs in the air to cast spells, can make potions, Can perform Ritual magic, the way he seems to attract females despite having no game may well be supernatural in origin
Skills: Glyph drawing, history buff, lots of random knowledge, intense ability to concentrate, ancient language translations, iron will.
Background: Duncan was the rare offspring of two pure wizards, and as far as he is concerned a complete disappointment. Despite his perfect pedigree he somehow came out Impure, a pretty powerful impure, but still handicapped next to a full wizard. His family is probably the wealthiest in town, but his parents are usually off vacationing or attending to wizard business and he is left more or less to his own devices and mostly alone in the house aside from a few servants who he rarely bumps into. Duncan spends the majority of his time trying to overcome, and find ways around his magical handicaps; such as developing a method to enchant by ritual instead of by runes, or spending time with his friends, or trying to track down powerful magical artifacts.
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