Matsuo, and the Drifter

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Matsuo, and the Drifter

Post by The Lord Regent on Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:31 pm

Name: Matsuo Veidt, and Drifter
Age: 18
Gender: Currently female
Supernatural type: Impure Mage
Matsuo: Medicine, a good book, Documentaries, video games, sushi, painting, helping friends, blending in
Drifter: Martial arts, parkour, Greasy food, The gym, action films, confrontation, helping friends, horse riding
Matsuo: Distractions from painting, confrontation, greasy food, the gym
Drifter: Sushi, being murdered, being pushed around, being ignored
Quirks: from the fusion of personalities she possesses conflicting likes and dislikes, and can be a bit… unpredictable.
Appearance: 5’6, slender build but a bit toned as well, longish black hair, lighter asiany skin tone, brown eyes, would be described as pretty, but not hot.
Matsuo: Can create magic paintings. Quicken, Temporal blast
Drifter: Will change bodies if slain
From the Matsuo: Skilled painter, Rather studious, Some knowledge of medicine, horse riding, blending in, fairly knowledgeable onalien tech
From the Drifter: skilled in various  forms of martial arts especially with a blade, good with a firearm, outstanding acrobat, good liar, sneaky, horse riding, blending in
Background: The body and the soul are not of the same place. The soul is something of a drifter with a tendency to die young in very messy ways, that when killed awakens in the body and life of another unwillingly consuming a portion of and destroying the rest of the host’s soul. The drifter takes on much of their personality and their memories. It is always confused at first and tends to dillude itself into thinking its past lives in other bodies was just imagined; the memories are traumatic, shaky, and hard to access anyway, why would one want to accept them? The body is Matsuo Veidt, a young impure supernatural of german and japanese heritage; who would have had a bright future, and was hoping to go to college to be doctor like her father. Generally brilliant but withdrawn and introverted.
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