Turning Supernatural, Information

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Turning Supernatural, Information

Post by The Lord Regent on Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:44 pm

If you feel like you are being watched from the shadows on a lonely street; If you feel like you are being followed as you hike through mist shrouded woods, then maybe you are paranoid, maybe you are crazy, maybe you should head back inside, maybe it’s already too late.

The role play takes place in a small town in a world not unlike our own, but where many conspiracy theories, and mythical creatures are real. The Roleplay begins in a remote town in Montana occupied by the supernatural mostly impure, but a few pure ones as well. Everyone is limited to a maximum of one pure supernatural, but I will make exceptions on a case by case basis if requested.

The impure ones: Over the millenia pure blooded supernaturals, werewolves, vampires, mages, Ect. have become a severe rarity in the world; the purebloods for most races number one or two dozen. These days most descendants of the original breeds of supernatural creatures, and attempts to turn others result in the impure. The impure have muddled blood, and instead of coming out as a full supernatural will often inherit only a few abilities and traits of their ancestors; an impure of mage blood for instance may only inherit the ability to manipulate a single element, or to create magical paintings; an impure of werewolf blood may only possess enhanced physical abilities and senses, but be unable to change shape, or may only be able to turn into a normal wolf. Hybrids of impure blood may inherit an ability or two from both blood lines. Impure communities can be found in little suburbs of cities and in remote communities. Preserving the purity of blood they have left is very important to the communities as is genetic heritage; so breeding is often arranged between members of the community, or between one community and another. The also tend to be wary of humans to say the least.

Pure Supernaturals: Those with blood that has not been diluted by time or breeding with humans are extremely rare, in fact most scholars among pure and impure supernaturals alike suggest that there are only a few dozen world wide (though a few argue there may be almost two hundred world wide) Rarely is one ever born or successfully created most are remnants from another age; ancient vampires, Master wizards who were able to extend their natural lifespan, Skin changers and Yokai who have avoided humans via guile or retreating into the wilds. Needless to say all pure supernaturals are extremely dangerous to the point where only a few impure could ever hope to match one. Most have either settled down among the impure, formed small communities of Pure Supernaturals, or gone into hiding as hermits.

The undead: While vampires are considered pure supernaturals due to being more alive than dead really, most undead are not so lucky. The undead are zombies, ghosts, walking skeletons, and the like. Ghosts are the only common form who are really sentient being disembodied souls bound to a person item or location, some are powerful, but many are not; it comes down to the will of the ghost, and the level of supernatural energies they are around. Zombies are just a basic reanimated corpse controlled by a necromancer, and walking skeletons typically serve as a semi sentient guards to a necromancer. There is another sort of undead called a shade; a ghost of a particularly malevolent being usually a magic user in life, that binds itself to a mortal body through which it can channel all manner of dark magic.

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