Arnold Day

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Arnold Day

Post by Cthulhu on Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:55 pm

Name: Arnold Carmichael Day
Race: werewolf
Alignment: depends really
Likes: Clam chowder , going on walks, a clean house , the bassoon ,punctuality,manners
Dislikes: ignorance, people making dog jokes at him , the french horn (because fuck the french), cats
Skills: Excellent melee combatant , cleaning,cooking , managing a household , fencing , spy work , stealth , skilled marksman


General Description: Mikael is a tall werewolf with a slender but muscular form , well trimmed fur and striking yellow eyes.Unlike most werewolves who often live civilian life in their human forms Mikael is almost always in a hybrid wolf human form , which results in a six foot tall man with a wolf's head  in a suit walking around New York
Hair Color:jet black
Distinctive features: grievous eye scar
Distinctive items: (Locket , ring , cane etc.) Often uses his wrought iron fencing blade as a cane in it's sheathed form.


Moon Howl: (He doesn't use this often as he feels it is ungentlemanly to gang up on one's opponents.

Wolf in the Fog: When pressed Mikael can disperse himself into a vision blurring mist , in this form he can not be attacked nor can he attack others , it's also a quick form of transportation when he doesn't feel like walking.

Resources: None really
Weapons: His sword forged of the metal that is basically anti magic , Wrought Iron.

Backstory:  Trace's personal attendant and bodyguard since the boy was young , and now his butler since he was sent along with the boy to America when Wright was unofficially disowned from the family. He has a long past in both the british army and intelligence services, and has brushed tails with some of the deadliest supernatural soldiers the world has ever seen.

Name: Luey
Gender: Male
Super power: Shitty jokes
Super Weakness : easily distracted by the sexy
Special Quote: I am a luxury few can afford

Race : Demon
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