Rules of Magick

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Rules of Magick

Post by Cthulhu on Wed Nov 01, 2017 9:22 am

Magic in the World of Champions has some defined rules .

1. Magic is not a never ending well , it can and will be drained to empty and if it is , the universe will begin to compress on itself and eventually die.

2. The power of a magician is drawn from their spiritual vitality , once again this has limits and if a mage attempts an udnertaking that puts to much strain on their Ka , they will be destroyed and dispersed into the aether.

3.When magic is used to tell the future , the mage in question can only speak what they see in riddles.

4. Magic cannot directly be used to travel forwards or backwards in time.

5. Magicians born and trained on Earth have access to these skills: (Conjuration ,teleportation, telling the future, telling the past, exorcism ,rune magic , offensive magic, chronomancy ,illusion)

6. Finally magic while capable of being infused into an object , cannot be infused into living flesh.

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