Samael (no not that one)

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Samael (no not that one)

Post by The Lord Regent on Sat Oct 21, 2017 1:18 am

Name: Samael (no not that one), The Fire at Dusk, The Watcher in the Dark, Eater of Shadows, Impaler of Feinds
Gender: Male
Age: literally ancient
Race: Dark angel
Alignment: He is... on the good  guy's side at least
Likes: Killing the wicked, Killing the innocent (this he refrains from), Donuts,  Revolvers, Blades, Spears, puns, Dakka, Explosions, breaking new records in collateral damage, the sex
Dislikes: Mandatory stealth sections, Demons, diplomacy, being made to sit still, STDs, single shot rifles, explodable things not exploding, Nazis
Skills: Master of most forms of melee combat, gunslinger, intimidation, killing most things, magic (mostly to kill and counter the mgic of demons and heretics)


General Description:Full Dark hair to half way down his back, Fair almost feminine facial features, quite slim, Fair smooth skin, burgundy eyes
Hair Color: Black
Distinctive features: (Scars, tattoos ,etc.)
Distinctive items: (Locket , ring , cane etc.)


Feast: Can drain life energy form those nearby to rapidly heal his wounds


Resources: Anglican 113
Weapons: Black steel glaive that emits a strange red light fueled by rage, twin revolvers, Cruciform longsword that burns with black fire, holy bullets, explosives

Backstory: He's a very old angel, once a symbol of protection to the faithful, whose name struck fear in the wicked... Those days have long passed, and now he is a dark angel who mostly just strikes fear in the wicked and has been working for 113 for a few decades after just kinda showing up to rescue their agents a couple times. He likes to keep his past vague.

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Re: Samael (no not that one)

Post by Cthulhu on Mon Oct 23, 2017 4:27 pm


Name: Luey
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