Myrtle Eliza Gaines

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Myrtle Eliza Gaines

Post by Luey on Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:37 am

Superhero Title: Hasn't thought one up yet , might go for Tiger Shark
Real Name: Myrtle Eliza Gaines
Power(s):A mutated biology that imitates the trait of aquatic animals , specifically of the family Galeocerdo, resulting in ,greatly enhanced swimming ability , the ability to breath under water through a complicated combined lung and gill filter system , night vision , healing factor that pulls on calories stored, enhanced durability (skin is much thicker than human's), enhanced sight , smell,taste, electro-magnetic sense , sharp rowed fangs , claws , and the growth of fins and webbing between fingers when underwater, her main weakness is a psychological and physical aversion to dry land
Skills:Academics , underwater navigation , knowledge of marine biology
Appearance: small , grey skin , short cut green gray hair in a bob, gray freckles , , lot of ear piercings ,well muscled arms and legs (for swimming) , noticeable neck gills , shark teeth
Costume Design and Features: Black and red sleeveless unitard , with a black and orange pattern , the orange areas bearing tiger-like stripes , tank of sea water connected to a tube system that keeps her nice and hydrated , black finger-less gloves
Background: Born in the far northern icy tundra of Canada to a pair of hunters, that's all she's willing to say right now.

Name: Luey
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Super Weakness : easily distracted by the sexy
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