Rolling Thunder

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Rolling Thunder

Post by Luey on Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:22 am

Superhero Title:Rolling Thunder
Real Name:Ivory Piers Chi
Age:29 (wouldn't know it at all if you looked at him)
Power(s): Sound manipulation , sonic energy generation , incredibly precise hearing , internal durability , and equilibrium, echolocation
Skills: Advanced level martial artist (boxing ,judo, savate ,Penchak Silat,karate,capoeira), clothing design , drawing , painting , deduction , forensics , acrobatics , skilled orator and negotiator, doctorate in math
Appearance: Tall , deep brown skin, dark brown hair , well muscled, some tattoos along is spinal column , high noticeable cheekbones , generally has a sort of boyish charm about him , kind of disrupted by the crescent shaped scar under his eye
Costume Design and Features: Deep purple form-fitting jumpsuit (has a pulsing soundboard motif), two  metallic silver thunderbolts running down his torso to his silver utility belt , each equipped with several loud speakers, silver domino mask , black and silver gloves equipped with speakers in the palms and forearms , bulky silver boots equipped with speakers along the shins and the soles , earpieces that let him tone out some of the white noise , so that his advanced ears aren't in pain when he uses higher pitches.
Background:  The orphaned son of two heroes from the Age of Villains , the Sound and the Fury , he's grown up his whole life knowing that with their powers combined he'd have no real choice but to be a hero himself. This has left him a bit bitter towards his parents , though he's a bit guilty about feeling that way , because he never really wanted to be a hero all that much anyway . However he does like to teach ,so perhaps working at Zenith will give him the best of both worlds.
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