Theodor Brennan The Unnatural

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Theodor Brennan The Unnatural

Post by Koyu on Fri Oct 13, 2017 9:55 am

Name: Theodor Brennan
Superhero Title: The Unnatural
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Power(s): Can transform into a chimera like mutant creature and use the abilities that come with it like animal instincts. He walks on four legs, front legs are that of a tiger (as well as the body), back legs that of a timber wolf, head of a black mamba snake with goat horns, from his back he spouts 8 in total large octopus tentacles and he has a large black scorpion tail covered in spikes, all body parts are sized perfectly to fit one another. With these he can run as fast as a wolf, a powerful ram with horns, produce deadly poison that he can use with his teeth and tail, animal strength to rip opponents into pieces, tentacles for grabbing and strangling, the tail spikes can be flung into opponents as a far reaching attack.
Skills: Drawing, cooking, hunting, marathon running.
Appearance: Black short hair that is brushed down, he is decently good looking with his dark green eyes and a fit body.
Costume Design and Features: He is wondering if he even needs one.
Background: Theodor is the son of the now deceased original The Unnatural who was his father, the superhero name was passed down to him when it happened since he has the same power as him though his father's form looked different. He lived with his human mother who cared for him dearly, though Theodor's own power manifested when he got a little older and now all he needed was some tutoring in a safe environment to become a hero just like his father. Theodor may seem wimpy first as he likes to draw and cook food but he is completely different when he gets to hunt something, he has some animalistic traits which his father was also known for and caused some trouble during missions but Theodor tries to stay cool.
Nationality: American

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Re: Theodor Brennan The Unnatural

Post by Cthulhu on Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:50 pm

Gosh darn it Koy you partially stole my idea you ratch , I suppose I should approve tho)

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