Trace Wright

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Trace Wright

Post by The Lord Regent on Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:38 am

Name: Trace Wright
Gender: male
Race: Arcanist
Alignment: Good
Likes: Enchanting, studying, money, praise, status, running a shop, potion making, magic in general
Dislikes: The slums, his parents, not having money, fighting, criticism
Skills: Enchanting, potion making, spell casting, running a bussiness


General Description: medium height, scrawny, short well taken care of brown hair, and a rather proper appearance
Hair Color: Brown
Distinctive features: (Scars, tattoos ,etc.)
Distinctive items: A silver and saphire ring that fires blue lasers, a silver amulet


Pocket dimension

Gem crafter: Can harness the innate and substantial magical power of precious gems for spell casting, and enchanting

Resources: A dusty old store front in New york, on one of the rougher sides of town, lots of potion making and enchanting equipment, and a modest inventory.  A decent amount of start up cash. Spell book, amulet of protection, scrying orb
Weapons: Blasting wand, Orb of fire, ring of lasers

Backstory: Trace is the middle child from a prominent English Arcanist merchant family, he's an expert enchanter who grew up with the finest tutors, but everyone makes mistakes; It's just a shame his happened to involve accidentally purning off the eyebrows of a grand arcanist while showing off at dinner. As a result he was bassically unofficially exiled from his home; officially he was given the family's American holdings so he would be too far away to embarrass the family; another shame turned out to be that the family's American holdings turned out to be a modest store front in new york no one has used for decades, and a warehouse with a small collection or trinkets, encanting equipment, and an alchemy lab... Yep he has his work cut out for him there
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