Kayla The inferno

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Kayla The inferno

Post by The Lord Regent on Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:24 am

Superhero moniker: Inferno
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Race: corrupted human
Secret Identity: Kalya
Super Powers: Corrupted Fire generation and control, immune to fire and heat, enhanced physical prowess
Skills: Good shot, hacking, demolitions, Krav Maga, knife fighting, sneaking
Super Weaknesses : (Doesn't have to have one , but its a nice touch)


Costume Design: Back combat fatigues
General Description: Tall, pale skin, Very athletic build, long hair covering one of her black eyes
Hair Color: black
Distinctive features: (Scars, tattoos ,etc.)


Gadgets: laptop, cellphone, Detonator
Armor:, combat armor
Weapons: .45 colt, C4 and various explosives, combat knife

Backstory: At age six Kayla was kidnapped by an evil mage and gorged into one of his elite agents, the conversion process gave her power over corrupted fire, and completely indoctrinated her into his army. She is one of his comandos who undertakes smash  and grab, and assassination missions on his order.
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