Alwyn Charles the Blizzard Hazard

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Alwyn Charles the Blizzard Hazard

Post by Koyu on Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:59 pm

Supervillain moniker: Blizzard Hazard
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Race: Corrupted Human
Secret Identity: Alwyn Charles
Alignment: Evil
Super Powers: Corrupted black ice manipulation like: ice armor, ice spikes, ice claws, frost breath, ice touch, ice weapons and his blood is so cold it will freeze almost anything.
Skills: Hand-to-hand, agility, adaptation.
Super Weaknesses: Enhanced fire.


Costume Design: A long light blue tail coat with darker blue stripes here and there (not everywhere), he keeps the long sleeves rolled over his elbows and the jacket is usually open revealing a purple t-shirt, dark blue pants that are flexible for combat and white boots. He may generate a black ice mask over his face sometimes.
General Description: Short spiky hair that is swept back stylishly, there seems to be a little white in there but that must be clumps of snow. He has pale skin, slim body but with some muscles (not a bodybuilder though), his eyes are cold blue in color and a slight glow in them.
Hair Color: Black
Distinctive features: His skin has blue markings here and there the same color as his eyes mostly sharp triangular shapes and sharp corners when just lines.


Gadgets: Just a small transmitter.
Armor: None.
Weapons: None.

Backstory: Alwyn was the child of 2 normal parents who lived in a small village and they had their own house living the happy family dream. One day Alwyn got kidnapped when he was just 2 years old, by a mage who specialized in dark magics and needed test subjects for his corruption magic. Alwyn spend his entire childhood exposed to the corruption magic among other children, corrupting his body, mind and soul as he swore eternal loyalty to the mage due to the lengthy corruption process. He received his ice powers when the process was finished, he gained combat training and is now a trained killer and a slave to the mage. He is now on the move for his next task among with any other corrupted ones...

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Re: Alwyn Charles the Blizzard Hazard

Post by Cthulhu on Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:16 pm

Cool , you're approved.

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