La Dama Del Rosa

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La Dama Del Rosa

Post by KiloSasha on Sat Sep 23, 2017 1:00 pm

Name: La Dama Del Rosa
Gender: Female
Age: She is ageless
Race: God
Alignment: Evil
Super Powers: Fire, poison, chance
Skills: Manipulation, looking pretty, 
Super Weaknesses:


General Description:
She is the most beautiful creature you will ever have the pleasure of laying your unworthy mortal eyes on. Her hair is a luscious waterfall of pure unadulterated copper brown pleasure. Her sunkissed skin is supple and glowing, with freckles like dark stars mapping constellations on her body. And that body, oh boy, that body will turn straight chicks gay, my friends. Imagine the perfect female form and then multiply is by a million and add a splash of photoshop and Instragram filters and you won’t even come close to the perfection that is her body. It is toned and graceful in some places and bountiful and voluptuous in even better places. And her eyes, well boy one look at these magnificent dark orbs and your soul is lost in the ether forever! But it’s okay you don’t have to look there, as her lips are almost as good: full and bright they will hypnotise you with every word.
Hair Color: Copper brown.
Distinctive features:


Weapons: Chain wip, lotus sword 


She was born when the very first life form clawed its way into the universe, brought to life by its fervent unwillingness to die. And she just sort of stuck around looking hot and being a patron.

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