Straic the shaman's apprentice

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Straic the shaman's apprentice

Post by The Lord Regent on Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:24 pm

Name Straic
Age 16 (Just legally adult among civilized goblins)
Gender male
Race Goblin
Skills: Goblin magic, pottery, herbalism, souting
Background  Straic is a goblin from the civilized and artistic tribe in the mountains, they survive their wild kin with keen defences, organization, wolf calvalry and through trade with nearby humans. Straic makes his living as the apprentice to the shaman, communing ith the spiris, healing the others with herbal mixtures, and using his magic to aid in battles, but is also quite skilled in his hobby pottery which along with weaving, painting, sculpting , and cooking, is highly valued among the tribe
Appearance 3 ft tall, scally, uggly face, thin, bald
Equipment: Cloth and silk clothing, an ornate wooden staff, a cerimonial knife
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