'El Cerebro'

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'El Cerebro'

Post by Cthulhu on Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:10 am

Superhero moniker: 'El Cerebro'
Race: human
Secret Identity:'Keith Kogain' (could just be an alias)
Alignment: mercenary , generally good hearted tho
Super Powers: Superhuman intelligence , superhuman reaction speed,  limited clairvoyance
Skills:Master hacker , real time and long term strategy , stealth , parkour, is highly skilled in matters of technology , a working knowledge of the law , bi-lingual , connections in the criminal underworld , good liar
Super Weaknesses : (Doesn't have to have one , but its a nice touch)


Costume Design:none
General Description: shorter than average , cute , lean yet with a small amount of muscle ,  messy neck length mullet thing he's somehow managing to pull off , violet eyes ,  half Taiwanese half white
Hair Color: black
Distinctive features: A bar code tattoo on his left shoulder


Gadgets: A wide array of gadgets , fleet of personal remote controllable drones ,
Weapons: 9 mm Glock pistol , taser rifle , taser

Backstory: A professional hacker and close friend of Waylon's unwilling to reveal much of his backstory (That's code for I haven't thought it up yet and it's a work in progress)

Name: Luey
Gender: Male
Super power: Shitty jokes
Super Weakness : easily distracted by the sexy
Special Quote: I am a luxury few can afford

Race : Demon
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