Sparrow the pilgrim

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Sparrow the pilgrim

Post by The Lord Regent on Mon Jul 24, 2017 7:44 pm

Name: Sparrow
Age 20
Gender: Male
Race: human
Skills: Quarter staff fighting, hand to hand martial arts, acrobatics, Medical and apothecary knowledge, theology knowledge, Pilgrim's magic.
Background: He was the second son of a pious minor noble of Usmon, given to one of the frontier monestaries and thus losing all titles and claims to nobility. The monestary valued both Magical skill ( a certain type of holy magic, known as pilgrim's magic) and education, his origins gave him no favors. The monks of Usmon were known not only for their Pilgrim's magic, education, and knowledge of medical things, they were also known for their martial skill as their magic was not as strong as a wizard's and proved insuficiant to protect the first missionaries in Usmon, from the common bandit and goblin attacks. Well quite recently Sparrow's frontier monestary was attacked by the elves, he is a refugee among the only survivors
Appearance: 5 ft 10, lean but muscular, bald, handsome face, light skin
Equipment: Quarter staff, modest monk's robes, medical supplies in a knapsack
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