The Mongrel

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The Mongrel

Post by Luey on Mon Jul 24, 2017 1:26 am

Supervillain moniker: Mongrel,Runt 
Race: Early bloomer metahuman
Secret Identity:Carrock Shaw
Alignment: Evil
Super Powers: Carrock's powers are bestial in nature, taking cues from carnivorous earth creatures like Lions and wolves, he can run at speeds up to 80 mph, has enhanced smell , taste, feeling , hearing , and sight , He can strain his body at max power for over 24 hours without food or water, can lift up to 700 lbs at maximum exertion , has superhuman agility allowing him to leap great heights and pounce of prey with great force, his fingers house sets of extendable claws laced with a low level poison that can rend steel , and his canines are elongated into catlike fangs. He also has night vision and a sort of radar sense, incredibly powerful healing.Has some manner of bond with predatory animals, reached physical maturity at six months of age , barely even ages now.
Skills:Tracking , stealth , his own special form of feral martial arts, marksmanship,intimidation, multilingual
Super Weaknesses : Anything that can overwhelm his senses


Costume Design:He doesn't often wear it but , a form fitting black and yellow suit that reaches his shoulders , brown boots, brown belt, brown gloves , in the center is a white emblem of a beast of some kind baring it's teeth.
General Description:6'3 , musclebound ,kinda hairy (though he does manscape from time to time) ,broad shouldered , attractive but in a kind of super scary way ,cold dark eyes, can actually pull of plaid.
Hair Color: dark dark almost brown red
Distinctive , scar at his lip


Gadgets: None
Weapons:his fucking body

Backstory: Born in a dark muddy trench out in the Yukon to a mother dying from exposure , Carrock was taken by a mother mountain lion and raised among her young , as even as a child his psychic bond with animals was strong. Raised far up in the north as an animal , he learned to track , to stalk, to feel no remorse for prey. As far as he was concerned he was simply a nearly hairless lion and he acted as such. In fact it wasn't until he reached half a year of age and was kicked from his mother's nest that he realized what he was. A human , he had found out when he had pounced on a man and slit his throat , and realized he looked similar to him. Curious about whether there were more he took some of the man's clothes and traveled south . Eventually he reaches a small fishing village  Onnuket or something he can't clearly remember , and for a time....simply watched the few people there. Watched how they walked , how they talked , even how they fought ,watched everything until he thought he was ready to join them..join his people..he was wrong. For at his heart he was still just a lion ,amongst hairless apes , for a while though it went well , he found people found him charming , funny , some of the females even thought him handsome. He liked this , this new life he had begun to build , there was food , and beer, and females with which to spread his seed (he didn't know what a condom was at the time and so thought he was still actually mating) . It was of the best times he can even remember, he lived almost like a king within the town , but it didn't last.

 He had gotten drunk , really drunk , and one of his neighbors , a lumberjack by the name of Vince , was picking a fight with him , he had liked Vince , the log-splitter was one of his coworkers , fair , funny , and more than a little attractive, they had even messed around before (although in secret). So what happened next, is still one of his greatest and few regrets ,even if he often denies it. He put the poor man in the E.R , with inch deep wounds up and across his chest ....Vince didn't make it. Carrock...Carrock didn't really understand it at the time, why were the other town folk so wary of him now? So scared?...All humans had claws right? And inch and a half long fangs ,and hands that could crush logs...right? He was just..establishing dominance , showing that the bar was his territory..was this not the law of the wild? The law all lived by? And surely Vince would heal soon and come back?  So when they shot at him...and they yelled ,and they revved up their cars and chased him from town , when they called the sheriff and rounded up a posse from surrounding villages...he couldn't understand. Why would his own kind hunt him for doing as all creatures do? So he lured them into a trap , deep deep in the woods , where his instincts gave them the advantage , if they wished to hunt him he had to protect himself right? ...None of them left alive . And he swore that the next time he encountered his own kind he would not approach as a friend or a fellow , for that had not worked and it seemed his kind (with the exception of him) were all mad , no he would approach as what he truly was, beneath the layer of charm and humor..a hunter.

Name: Luey
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Super Weakness : easily distracted by the sexy
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