Lillie the Sorceress

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Lillie the Sorceress

Post by Flesh hunter on Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:52 pm

Superhero moniker: Hippolyta
Gender: Female
Age: ???
Race: Werewolf
Secret Identity: Lillie
Alignment: Lillie/warped
Super Powers: Sorcery, shape shifting from human to wolf with incredible strength, and durability and back, slightly enhanced athletic abilities in his human form, unaging
Skills: sorcery, magic lore, fighting, gun slinging
Super Weaknesses: Pride, Barclay, Silver weakens but doesn't kill, Envy, Arrogant, Barclay Guilting, Psionic attack


Costume Design: None
General Description: Tall, beautiful, well kept blonde hair, appears in her early 20's
Hair Color: Blonde
Distinctive features: Scars on her body from her pre-Barclay years covering on her lower body


Gadgets: None
Armor: None
Weapons: A magical wooden staff with a ruby ontop and that enhances her power and whispers to who ever wields it that is called the Staff of Sorcery

Backstory: Much of Lillie's past is unknown before she meet Barclay. What is known is she aided Barclay in Nate in saving the west from four powerful entities and founded a floating island of fanatical Followers. Barclay and Lillie did get married though Barclay did request(And got) a divorce with Lillie due to her...Nature
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Re: Lillie the Sorceress

Post by Luey on Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:53 pm


Name: Luey
Gender: Male
Super power: Shitty jokes
Super Weakness : easily distracted by the sexy
Special Quote: I am a luxury few can afford

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