Anansi, the spider

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Anansi, the spider

Post by Luey on Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:33 pm

Superhero moniker:Anansi
Race: Human mutate
Secret Identity: Amare Pierce
Alignment: Good
Super Powers: Anansi's mark gives him the relative speed , strength , and agility of a spider , as well as the ability to mimic other people's appearance , and voice , as well as the powers of three other animals (the leopard ,the snake , and the bull), low level pheromone control

Skills: Forensics, marksmanship , hand to hand combat (advanced) , stealth(advanced), intimidation, armed combat (advanced)
Super Weaknesses : (Doesn't have to have one , but its a nice touch)


Costume Design:The costumes overall colors are black , tan, and brown , with a large black spider emblem covering the torso , a head covering mask with jet black multiple spider like eyes surrounding his main  actual ones, a leopard fur collar , some tan shoulder plates , and a brown small utility belt 
General Description:Shorter than average, lean ,rich smooth brown skin, strong jawline , amber eyes , beautiful man, strong yet not too pronounced nose,wavy hair cut short, toned, has a strange near supernatural charisma about him.
Hair Color:Black
Distinctive features: spider tattoo on his back that spreads to his torso when he uses his powers


Gadgets:his mask eyes have night and infra red vision , web slingers of course
Armor: costume is knife and shock proof due to being made of an extra tough dense rhino plate mesh
Weapons:extendable finger talons in his gloves, spider shaped shuriken

Backstory: Many have heard tell of Anansi the Spider , trickster , troublemaker , freedom fighter , an ancient story from the west African coast , but like many such stories ,started off with the truth. Though Anansi's true origins are still unknown to this day , many calling him a god , a magician , or simply a man , what is known of is the legacy he left behind. Following the last of his great adventures it is said Anansi knew his time walking the Earth was over , and decided to pick a champion to hold his mark  and fight for the freedom and safety of all of West Africa. Granting each them the powers of illusion and agility , and with every new legend made by the heroes the mark would gain more strength as it was passed down again and again. It passed through many a great hero , from the man god Shango , to Sundiata , all the way across to America during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. And though for a time the origins of it's power were lost , the heroic mark lived on . The heroes that bore it taking on the name Brother Rabbit and with trickery and cunning , liberating many and inspiring their own stories that would go on to be legend. 

Yet for now let us set aside the story of the mark , and speak of the one who bears it . Amare Pierce's was the eldest son of Franklin and Monique Pierce , but he has few memories of them , simply knowing they had sent him away to live with his grandparent's at a young age for reasons he didn't understand. He remembered them always talking about some 'great danger' something following them and the 'spider mark' , but always hushed up whenever he was around and asked him to go off and play with his toys or something. This lead to him having a resentful attitude towards them and often shied away from talking about them. His grandparents Rose and Crispan however were solid and hardworking and raised him well, always trying to convince him that his parents did love and care for him but were trying to keep him safe. When he asked why though they'd always quiet down , and act like something was watching them and tell him that 'it wasn't for him to know just yet'. And so he focused on other pursuits . Having a natural talent for sports and music as well as being fit and attractive made him very popular in school and it was almost unnaturally easy for him to make friends (A fact which he later realized was linked somewhat to his unique 'pheromone control' ability). After high school he found himself swarmed with opportunities from all sides. Division 1 colleges wanted him on their squads , Julliard wanted him to train his trumpet at their school, and his good looks and charm got him offers from modeling agencies. And it was at this point he began noticing certain abilities beginning to manifest.  He was stronger than most for his size ,much faster too , could leap higher and dodge quicker than anyone else on the football field, and sometimes it seemed as though if he didn't want himself to be noticed he was almost invisible. It all came to a head one fateful evening on his way back home during winter break at college.

 He had taken the bullet train home from NY for the break , and was walking his way back to his grandparent's old townhouse when he got the call , his grandmother's anguished voice saying how 'they had come ' and 'the old spells have been broken'. He rushed home as quick as he could , running quicker than he thought possible , leaping from roof top to roof top only to arrive at the house to find it burning  down. A sinister letter pinned to a nearby brick wall by a dagger , explaining that his grandparents had been taken hostage and he would have to give himself up to the 'Ode' if he wanted them to live. It was here that he began putting everything together , he'd watched a few movies , read a few books in his life time , and he always found that he could relate a lot more to the protagonist than most. The missing parents , the hushed secrets , he'd seen it all before. But it was different now , it was real and it had consequences, the lives of his real parents were at stake. So he accepted , he went to the location given to him alone , and waited for these 'Ode' to make themselves known. He waited for hours in the darkness of that remote wooded swamp , reflecting on what was happening to him , on why his parents had left..perhaps these Ode had hunted them as well? It was then that they arrived , each garbed in dark blue habits , blending in with the darkness itself , each bearing a strange 'z' like symbol on their belt. The leader was a tall man garbed in the same as the others , but with a golden leopard's mask with red eyes , dragging along the two by a chain with a strange machete like sword in hand. He explained that he was Osebo , the leopard , an agent of the Ode sent to retrieve Amare for his training ,  and that Amare would have to give himself over to them now.Before he had a chance to resist , a flying club struck his head and all went black.

The hunters brought him to an uncharted island camp of the coast of Africa , and revealed that their leader Adaeze planned to train him in the ways of his powers , as their secretive order had done for many centuries to the other bearers of the mark. She told him that his parents sent him away because his father was the previous bearer of the mark and they did not want their child to be thrust into such a brutish life. Whilst still in shock from that , she told him the story of his powers and why he had them and declared that Osebo would be his teacher. Thus began his training , he was taught a brutal regime in martial arts , stealth , deception , disguise, marksmanship , his body turned into  an efficient machine , his mind turned disciplined. Yet not all was well , disillusioned by Adaeze's lack of action , and the state of the continent they were supposed to be protecting. Osebo turned traitor and  conducted a bloody coup first alienating and framing many of Adaeze's loyalists and then slaughtering the rest and eventually killing her in a brutal duel.Horrified by this turn of events Amare tried to fight back , and with his powers managed to hold his own with his old teacher , but was eventually forced to flee the island back to America. Inspired by the adventures of comic book hero 'Green Arrow' Amare fabricated a story of being lost on a harsh jungle isle to the authorities upon making it back and melded back into civilian life as a college student.

However he remained paranoid about the Ode wanting revenge on him and so joined the police force in order to have a job that would keep his skills sharp. Now though with the rise of costumed vigilantes and the spread of superpowers in the U.S and abroad , he was inspired once again and has begun to construct a vigilante persona for himself.

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