Anaanzi , the spider

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Anaanzi , the spider

Post by Cthulhu on Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:33 pm

Superhero moniker:Anansi
Race: Human mutate
Secret Identity: Amare Pierce
Alignment: Good
Super Powers: Anansi's mark gives him the relative speed , strength , and agility of a spider , as well as the ability to mimic other people's appearence , and voice , as well as the powers of three other animals (the leopard ,the snake , and the bull)

Skills: Forensics , Gunmanship , marksmanship , hand to hand combat , stealth, intimidation
Super Weaknesses : (Doesn't have to have one , but its a nice touch)


Costume Design:The costumes overall colors are black , tan, and brown , with a large black spider emblem covering the torso , a head covering mask with jet black spider like eyes,leapard fur collar , some tan shoulder plates , and a brown small utility belt 
General Description:Shorter than average, lean , brown skin , amber eyes , strong cheekbones , handsome as shit, strong yet not too pronounced nose,wavy hair cut short, toned
Hair Color:Black
Distinctive features: spider tattoo on his back that spreads to his torso when he uses his powers


Gadgets:his mask eyes have night and infra red vision , web slingers of course
Armor: costume is knife and shock proof
Weapons:extendable finger talons in his gloves, spider shaped shuriken

Backstory: The newest in a long bloodline of covert 'superheroes' who inherit their powers when their predecessor's pass. Before his father's passing Amare was a relatively average guy working as a detective in Darkgrove , now he has to juggle crime fighting both as an officer of the law , and a vigilante. With the spirit of the original Anansi (the legendary trickster) to guide him who knows where he shall go.

Name: Luey
Gender: Male
Super power: Shitty jokes
Super Weakness : easily distracted by the sexy
Special Quote: I am a luxury few can afford

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